Portuscale’s Funchal returned to Falmouth on 22 April at the start of her first full summer season since completing her lengthy refit. She undertook two cruises from Falmouth before heading empty to Gothenburg for her now re-established seasonal programme, for which she is very popular.

Funchal has been cruising regularly for the Swedish market since at least the early 1990s, and, despite the initial difficulties encountered last year, is expected to have a good summer. The interior refit of Funchal has produced a very attractive set of public rooms and cabins, although the latter might be generally regarded as small by today’s standards.

Built in 1961, she has retained the same name throughout her 53 years, and is likely to do so for many more years to come as she continues to sail as one of that ever-decreasing band of small and interesting ships. Funchal returns to Falmouth in August before heading south for the autumn and winter, and in January 2015 she will sail to Australia.

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