• April’s Mystery Ship Answer

    April’s Mystery Ship Answer

    23rd April 2014

    Several readers correctly identified the April mystery ship as the motor vessel Photinia. Ray Hedley (3rd Mate Photinia 1969) of Sudbury, Suffolk supplied the following information: Photinia was built by John Readhead & Sons, South Shields for Stag Line Ltd,…

  • June’s mystery ship

    June’s mystery ship

    23rd April 2014

    This month’s mystery is a submarine, which is pictured at Weymouth in 1947. Or is it Portland? Can any reader supply more information about the exact identity of the boat? Where and when was she built? How long was her…

  • Captain Wesley Dunlop

    Captain Wesley Dunlop

    27th March 2014

    Peter Newall talks to the master of Saga Ruby, Captain Wesley Dunlop, who is one of the youngest ship captains. Where did you spend your childhood?I was born in the small Scottish town of Bothwell in 1980. At an early…

  • May’s mystery ship

    May’s mystery ship

    27th March 2014

    John Burling sent the accompanying picture of three old ships laid up in the river Itchen at Southampton. It was taken a few years ago and all have now gone, but he has been unable to find out their names.…

  • March’s Mystery Ship Answer

    March’s Mystery Ship Answer

    27th March 2014

    The two Mystery Ships in March jumped out at me as soon as I saw them. One is Kye Torrent, the former RMAS torpedo recovery vessel Torrent A127, which I helped build during the summer of 1971 at the Clelands…

  • April’s mystery ship

    April’s mystery ship

    27th February 2014

    Harry Pollitt, of Ashford, sent in the accompanying photo, which was taken in Manchester Docks in the summer of 1964. He wrote: ‘The photo was stored away with many others and only came to light recently. I am now intrigued…

  • Captain Tony Yeomans

    Captain Tony Yeomans

    27th February 2014

    Alan Moorhouse talked to Captain Tony Yeomans, master of Crown Princess, during a Baltic capitals cruise, about his career at sea, current issues in the cruise ship industry, and his current charge. This year is Captain Yeomans’ last before he…

  • February’s Mystery Ship Answer

    February’s Mystery Ship Answer

    27th February 2014

    The February 2014 mystery ship is the motor vessel Lancashire Coast, built for Coast Lines, Liverpool. One of a class of two (the other being Cheshire Coast), Lancashire Coast was a product of the Bristol firm of Charles Hill and…

  • Captain Christopher Rynd

    Captain Christopher Rynd

    30th January 2014

    With the recent announcement of Cunard’s two special events in 2015 to be held in its spiritual home of Liverpool in celebration of the company’s 175th anniversary, Captain Christopher Rynd, master of Queen Mary 2, talks to Byron Clayton about…

  • March’s mystery ship

    March’s mystery ship

    30th January 2014

    Can anyone identify these two vessels moored at Lowestoft? They appear to have seen better days, but where and by whom were they built? Who operated them and what happened to them during their careers? The names read Torch and…