To meet new environmental requirements a number of ships are being fitted with catalytic exhaust ‘scrubber’ systems or plugging into shore-based electrical grids but in California, where exhaust emission regulations are exceedingly severe, a barge-mounted scrubbing system has been brought into play for ships not yet fitted with the devices.

Developed by Carson, California-based Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc using approximately $2 million in financial support from the Port of Long Beach, the system consists of a cleaning system mounted on a barge that is also fitted with a tall tower and flexible exhaust pipe line that can be run directly to a ship’s funnel.

The new system, which removes such pollutants as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and particulate matter, also gives shippers an alternative to using land-based electricity as a means to power their vessels while docked in port. JS

An in-depth feature on scrubbers will appear in the Feb 2016 issue of Ships Monthly.

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