HMCS Chicoutimi has successfully completed two camber dives to verify her watertight integrity and the functionality of communications and other key systems as she progresses towards operational service. The submarine is nearing the completion of an Extended Docking Work Period that begun at Victoria in 2010 and which has effectively rebuilt her.

The former HMS Upholder is on course to rejoin the fleet in August after almost ten years on the sidelines,since a fatal fire during her delivery transit from Scotland to Canada in October 2004.

Canada’s purchase of four ex-RN diesel-electric boats in 1998 still remains controversial, with the RCN yet to achieve its goal of having three in service together. At present, only HMCS Victoria is fully certified and capable of firing a torpedo.

HMCS Windsor has a defective diesel generator, is subject to dive restrictions and is not yet certified to fire her weapons. HMCS Corner Brook was extensively damaged after slamming into the ocean floor in June 2011 and has yet to be repaired.

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