Fairly early on in the Costa Concordia saga, it was clear that the ship would never sail again, and once salvage tenders had been issued the operation would be a long one. Initial estimates, later proven to be optimistic, suggested that the wreck would be floated and towed away for scrapping within a year or so of the night that she sank in January 2012. This estimate was later revised several times, first to May 2013 and then to September.

Now it seems that Costa Concordia is unlikely to be removed until at least spring 2014, in an operation that will cost more than the price of the ship when built. Although the inhabitants of Giglio were keen to have the ship moved as soon as possible, concerns have been raised over the debris that might float ashore during the holiday season if the ship is floated in accordance with the previous plan. The ship is due to be righted in September and floated and towed to Piombino for scrapping next year.

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