On 22 March 2022 Crowley announced that it had managed the acquisition of Honor, the first vessel acquisition under its contract to help recapitalise a sealift fleet with the US Maritime Administration.

The acquisitions will enhance the Ready Reserve Force by increasing ship reliability and reducing the overall age of the fleet, a crucial component in conducting US Department of Defense sealifts. The force provides nearly 50 percent of government-owned surge sealift capability.

Putting innovative technology to work, Crowley utilised its proprietary software SHIPFAXTM in carrying out the agreement, which allowed for a strategic and data-driven identification of the initial two vessels best suited for conversion to Ready Reserve service.

The platform, which will be used in Crowley’s future acquisitions, is able to analyse a vessel’s lifecycle history, develop a condition summary and estimate ongoing operation requirements for optimal vessel acquisition and management execution.

A longtime leader in government maritime services, including ship management, Crowley manages acquisition and conversion under a 2021 federal contract that calls for more vessels to be brought into the fleet.

Crowley is spearheading the acquisition and conversion of the vehicle carriers Freedom and Honor from American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group in collaboration with Stena RoRo, Serco and LCE (Life Cycle Engineering), bringing combined expertise in acquisitions, naval ship architecture, engineering and applied technology to serve the VAM contract.

Crowley will oversee any modification and maintenance required to ensure the two vessels are fit for service in compliance with US Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping and US Department of Defense requirements. Following the completed purchase of Freedom and Honor, Crowley will maintain and operate the two vessels on behalf of MARAD.

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