On 24 June 2021 Crowley took delivery of its new 55,000-barrel, articulated tug-barge (ATB), Aurora/Qamun. The 410ft vessel is the second ATB in Crowley’s fleet, after the Aveogan/Oliver Leavitt, to be dedicated to the Alaska market.

The ATB is specially designed to add efficiency and range to transport clean petroleum products for Crowley Fuels, the company’s Alaska-based business unit.

“This purpose-built vessel was specifically designed by our in-house naval architects to safely and effectively operate in the Last Frontier, and especially in the remote regions of Western Alaska year-round,” said Ray Martus, vice president, Crowley Engineering Services, which oversaw design and construction.

“Its advanced design and environmental protection features are tailored to the market needs and highlight Crowley’s dedication to sustainable vessel solutions in Alaska and beyond.”

Outfitted with EPA Tier IV engines for reduced emissions, the ATB has a range of 4,300 miles to access most locations in Alaska.

The vessel also features Z-drive propulsion and 400 hp bow thrusters, allowing it to move smoothly in tight areas.

Aurora/Qamun meets Ice Class and Polar Code requirements, which include increased structural framing, shell plating, and extended zero-discharge endurance with shallow water capability.

“The new vessel’s innovative design and environmental protection features continue to pave the way for improved fuel transportation services in Alaska for commercial and government customers,” said Rick Meidel, vice president and general manager, Crowley Fuels.

“Aurora/Qamun will enhance our efficiency and provide many years of safe and reliable service for our valued customers.”

Master Boat Builders of Coden, Ala., constructed the tug, and the barge was built by Gunderson Marine LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Greenbrier Companies, Inc., in Portland, Ore.

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