On 2 May 2023 Crowley announced that it is to launch an end-to-end, integrated ocean and rail service between Mexico and the US Midwest region and into Canada.

Featuring Crowley’s new Mexico-US ocean route in the Gulf, the service will leverage the efficient inland rail network of Canadian National Railway Company and its US rail subsidiaries (CN).

The companies’ combined network provides broad reach across the Midwest and into Canada to increase solutions for global customers in North American markets.

In addition to a new ocean shipping route from Tuxpan, Mexico, to Mobile, Alabama, which avoids inland transportation congestion at the US-Mexico border, the linkage to CN’s rail service from Mobile to the Midwest and into Canada will offer customers the fastest, most environmentally efficient transit times versus emissions from trucks with five to six times less fuel used per ton transported.

Ships making a roundtrip between Tuxpan and Mobile weekly in September will carry up to 1,000 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) containers and more than 200 refrigerated containers.

After transiting on Crowley’s vessel from Mexico to the Port of Mobile, containers will be loaded onto daily CN trains travelling through the Midwest into Canada, offering some of the fastest rail service connecting Mobile and Chicago; Detroit; Minneapolis; Memphis; and Canadian cities such as Toronto, and Montreal, among others.

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