Damen Dredging Equipment has delivered a full dredge package for the brand-new split hull Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) Omvac Catorce owned by the Spanish dredging contractor Canlemar, SL.

Omvac Catorce has already entered service and started working on its first dredge project at the Port of Huelva. Damen worked closely together with both Canlemar and Nodosa Shipyards to ensure a successful build and a versatile, future-proof vessel.

The hopper dredger is a sister vessel of Omvac Diez, which was built a decade ago by the same team.

The split hopper has been designed with versatility in mind.

The dredging equipment comprises a starboard trailing suction pipe which allows dredging up to 30m dredging depth using the in-board Damen dredge pump, type BP5045MD.

This dredge pump can also empty the 1,200m3 hopper hold by pumping out the dredged material using the bow coupling connection or the rainbow nozzle.

The hopper hold can also be emptied by dumping, that is opening the two split hull parts. Alternatively, an excavator can be placed over the hopper hold on a mobile platform to load stones and rocks.

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