Ships Monthly December 2017

The latest issue of Ships Monthly is out now. It includes all the latest news you won’t find anywhere else, as well as exclusive features on a variety of ships from the latest warships to classic small motor vessels.

Among the features, Conrad Waters provides an assessment of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the RN’s newest and largest aircraft carrier. There is the rise and fall of the small 1928-built motor ship Glen Strathallan, the ship which could not be sold.

On the ferry front, Noble Earls part 2 recalls Sealink’s Channel heyday and profiles the classic ferries of the era, Earl Harold and Earl Granville. John White’s photos shows small tugs working on the busy rivers Waal and Maas in the Netherlands in July 2016.

Ian Buxton provides a personal account of a voyage on the cargo ship Wendover around the Mediterranean in the 1960s, and the ports he visited. And Nick Hawkins profiles the Russian cruiser Aurora, survivor of the battle of Tsushima of 1905, which is now preserved in St Petersburg and which played a pivotal role in the Russian Revolution.

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