In August 2023 Deltamarin was selected to undertake multiple Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTCs) ship design contracts.

Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs) play a critical role in the transportation of vehicles across the world’s oceans.

These specialised vessels are designed to optimize the transportation of automobiles, trucks, and other rolling cargo.

Deltamarin has worked closely with shipping companies to develop state-of-the-art PCTC vessels that are tailored to meet the evolving demands of the different owners.

China’s largest electric car manufacturer BYD Auto has ordered four 9,200CEU PCTCs from China Merchants Industry based on concept design developed by Deltamarin.

Deltamarin’s further design scope for the shipyard includes full basic and detail design of the vessels. The vessels will be powered by LNG and is designed specifically for BYD’s trade. Delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for 2025.

Swiss-based Sallaum Lines, an international ocean transportation company specialising in global RoRo cargo shipping, has ordered 4+2 7,400CEU vessels from China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Nanjing).

Concept design for these LNG-powered vessels was carried out by Deltamarin earlier in the spring of 2023. Deltamarin will continue to work with basic and detail design of the vessels which are scheduled for delivery from 2026.

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