Fairplay Towage Group, one of Europe’s leading tugboat operators with over 100 tugs in operation, has placed an order with Damen Shipyards Group for two Damen RSD Tugs 2513. The vessels will be delivered in January 2023.

The twin-fin Reverse Stern Drive (RSD) Tug 2513 is one of Damen’s most capable and innovative harbour tugs with excellent seakeeping behaviour, superb manoeuvrability and outstanding towing characteristics, with a maximum of 80 tonnes bollard pull.

As one of Damen’s Next Generation Tugs Series, the RSD tug 2513 also has a focus on offering increased safety, sustainability, reliability and efficiency.

Fairplay’s new tugs will be equipped with powerful render recovery winches with auto tensioning systems, as well as FiFi1-rated fire-fighting systems.

Fairplay has also voluntarily opted for immediate IMO Tier 3 compliance by specifying Damen’s Marine NOX reduction system with its advanced active emissions control system using SCR (selective catalytic reduction).

The vessels were already in production at Damen’s specialist tug building facility, Damen Song Cam Shipyard, Vietnam, when the order was placed, ensuring the rapid delivery.

Other factors in Fairplay’s decision to source their latest vessels from Damen included their design and quality and the Damen Triton digital platform for the optimisation of operational efficiency.

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