In February 2021 the Portland Port group announced that it was set up and ready to provide ship to ship (STS) operations.

On Thursday 29 April 2021 the Portland Port group in direct cooperation with STS Marine Solutions Ltd commissioned the port’s first STS operation.

Ian McQuade, General Manager Commercial, commented: “The port’s first STS opeation, carried out in conjunction with STS Marine Soltuions, was a huge success for everyone involved.

“This first operation showed just how well the port and STS Marine Solutions work with each other, and we look forward to carrying out many more STS operations together.

“Portland Port is ideally located, we have deep water with sheltered anchorages and berths, all of which is in close proximity to the main English Channel shipping lanes.”

The LPG STS transfer took place in Portland Harbour, at an inner anchorage, which due to the size of the ships involved, reduced the exposure to potential stronger elements at the outer anchorage, thus demonstrating the Port and STS Marine Solution’s ability to handle small sized vessels, ensuring a safe and efficient turnaround for the customer.

Ian Laws, CEO of STS Marine solutions commented “This is a true milestone for the port and one we are very proud to be instrumental in.  This is why the ship-to-ship industry selects STS Marine Solutions as their first-choice service provide, it’s our ability to deliver on proof of concept”

STS transfers of LPG product can also take place at an outer anchorage or alongside at Portland Port.

As the Statutory Harbour body, Portland Harbour Authority is required to ensure that all STS operations happen in a safe manner; between them and STS Marine Solutions, all the necessary risk assessments are carried out and decisions made about the most suitable location, taking into account all the variables.

STS Marine Solutions is a world leading ship to ship service provider with over 36 years experience in crude oil, refined petroleum, LPG and LNG transfers.  They provide the necessary expertise and oversight to assist in the safe completion of the operation.

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