The price of scrap metal has risen in the early months of 2011. This has resulted in many ports within the UK seeing increased amounts of scrap cargo, and that cargo going to a wider range of destinations than before. One large cargo of scrap was exported from Liverpool in the bulker Consolidator destined for Thailand.

When a vessel moves berths while loading large scrap metal cargoes, it is because the flatter bulkier pieces of scrap, such as blocks and larger items, are loaded first and then the rougher scrap is loaded on top to avoid damaging the vessel.

Consolidator was in Liverpool at the end of February and sailed to Antwerp to bring a cargo back to Liverpool, as she is engaged in the tramping market. She then fixed to load the scrap cargo for Thailand. The 58,811dwt, 2007-built vessel, operated by Evalend Shipping Co of Athens, is ideal for such cargo, having five Macgregor type folding hatches, which give unlimited access to her holds, and she commenced loading her cargo on 12 March.

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