Green Navy pioneers Europe’s first electro-hydrogen catamaran for commercial passengers and cargo operators

Green Navy, the French company launching ‘Prometeo’, Europe’s first electro-hydrogen propulsion catamaran for commercial passenger and cargo activities, officially unveiled the new vessel at the ‘Monaco Sustainable & Smart Marina Rendezvous 2023’ event on 24/25 September.

This important and industry-leading conference showcases significant developments in the marine sector reflecting the groundswell of interest in the successful deployment of electro-hydrogen power to meet strict emissions regulations, public awareness, and demand for cleaner transportation options.

Green Navy is at the global forefront of energy transition to pioneer the decarbonisation of maritime transport whilst setting the standards for future regulation of hydrogen installation technologies.

The Company is collaborating with governments, research institutions and industry partners to showcase the advantages of hydrogen storage and fuel cell development across a range of marine applications from regular island hopping, to growing eco-tourism.

Electro-hydrogen propulsion is cleaner than diesel or other fossil fuels because it does not produce harmful emissions like CO2 or sulphur which contribute to air pollution and climate change.  It is quieter and more efficient, making it better for the environment and closer to the global goal of cleaner and more sustainable transportation on water.

Green Navy is the first company in Europe to implement this technology on board a passenger catamaran. However, the Green Navy solution goes further. The vessel will also be supplied with green hydrogen to ensure a complete carbon-free chain.

In addition, Green Navy has developed an innovative transmission system, with an optimised gearbox that develops greater torque at reduced speed, thus improving efficiency and making it easier for the crew to operate.

Production of Prometeo is already underway at Merré shipyard in Nort-sur-Erdre and transportation of the passenger catamaran’s twin hulls to the Merré shipyard in Brest is scheduled for Spring 2024. The launch ceremony for the vessel will take place in Spring 2025.


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