Havila Capella left Bergen tonight for the first time since April and is back sailing along the Norwegian coast.

At her scheduled time of 8.30pm, Havila Capella left port at the Jektevik terminal in Bergen and headed north along the historic coastal route towards Kirkenes.

“We have been through a demanding period with a ship out of service for reasons beyond our control. It is extremely satisfying to see Havila Capella sailing again with excited passengers on board”, says CEO Bent Martini of Havila Kystruten.

“Our crew are really eager to show off our beautiful and modern ship and offer fantastic experiences along our beautiful coast”.

Havila Capella arrived in Ålesund early the following day, before the ship sets sail for the Geirangerfjord, where she will sail into the world heritage site purely on battery power.

“We have already sailed in Geiranger a few times using only battery power with Havila Castor, and since Havila Capella is identical to her sister ship, we have plenty of experience operating emission free for as long as possible”, says Martini.

“We encourage everyone onboard to get out on deck and enjoy the beautiful world heritage fjord and surroundings, when we sail in silently and peacefully. You will get close to the mountain walls, waterfalls, and nature. It’s a unique experience.”

Martini reports travel-hungry passengers ready for this voyage, and room for more throughout the summer and autumn.

“Due to the uncertainty that has arisen in recent months, many people have naturally moved their journey to Havila Castor or postponed their journey with Havila Capella. We have some spare capacity on the first roundtrips, but the booking numbers increase gradually over the summer”, Martini explains.

“At the same time, it is very gratifying that we have very good booking numbers on Havila Castor throughout the summer and autumn. There are many excited Norwegian and international guests who will have a memorable experience on board our ships, and we have room for more”, Martini added.

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