In a decision made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 26 April 2022, it became known that the Ministry had granted Havila Kystruten an exemption from the sanctions regulations to operate Havila Capella for six months.

The exemption did not entail any right to insure the ship and on 26 April the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the shipping company’s application to take out insurance on the grounds that being able to take out insurance in itself would mean that a property is made available to the registered owner.

“This is very disappointing and means that we still have an unresolved situation for Havila Capella. Based on this, we have no choice but to cancel Havila Capella’s next roundtrip along the Norwegian coast, which was scheduled to start in Bergen on 15 May”, said CEO Bent Martini.

“We are very sorry for the situation that has arisen beyond our control, and for the consequences this means for the coastal population, our passengers, employees and suppliers.”

Martini also says that Havila Kystruten is confused by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ assessment.

“As the sanctions are set up, any insurance payment will not benefit the ship’s registered owner. In the event of a total breakdown, other parties will receive the insurance payment. We can do nothing but accept the authorities’ assessment, but disagree with the decision”, he says.

Havila Kystruten will now continue the work of finding a solution to get Havila Capella back in traffic.

“We will not give up and will strive to find a possible way out of a very demanding situation. Until we have clarified the room for manoeuvre we are facing, it is difficult to provide any more information at this time”, says Martini.

Passengers that were booked on the next round trip will be offered to rebook their tickets to a sailing with Havila Castor, or a full refund of their tickets.

Havila Capella’s sistership, Havila Castor, sailed as planned from Bergen on 10 May at 8.30pm.

“Everyone on board Havila Castor, our own employees and suppliers, as well as the crew from Havila Capella who have assisted, have worked night and day to prepare for tomorrow’s maiden voyage. I am impressed by the willingness to make an effort, and I am happy that Havila Castor is on schedule”, Martini concludes.

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