On 15 August 2023 the coastal cruise ship Havila Polaris docked at the Jektevik Terminal in Bergen.

After a long and time-consuming process, Havila Voyages took over the sister ships Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey on 1 August.

Just before midnight on 15 August, Havila Polaris docked in Bergen and was greeted by several expectant and happy Havila Kystruten employees at the Jektevik Terminal.

“Finally, we have Havila Polaris home. Before Christmas last year, we had hoped to bring Havila Polaris home, and it feels good that after a long wait, we finally have her in Norwegian waters,” says CEO Bent Martini.

“We will use the hours here in Bergen well, to be able to get Havila Polaris on her way north as as quickly as possible and get in route. We have waited a long time for this, and I am sure everyone along the coast has been waiting for a long time too.”

When Havila Polaris approached Bergen, she was greeted by the supply ship Havila Venus.

“The Havila family stands united, and we greatly appreciated that the captain on board Havila Venus mustered his crew so late and made the trip out to welcome Havila Polaris home,” says Martini.

During the night, Havila Polaris moved from the Jektevik Terminal to Festningskaien, where she will be docked during her time in Bergen.

“We went to the Jektevik Terminal to refuel LNG, to make Havila Polaris able to go directly north north as soon as we’re done with the work we need to do on board before departure.”

“When Havila Pollux comes in, we will have the crews from both ships that will first spend time getting Havila Polaris ready. This will be a joint effort for both sea and land-based employees at Havila Voyages, and it’s a motivated team that is already well underway with the work,” Martini concludes.

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