On 12 June three of Fred. Olsen Cruise Line’s four-vessel fleet were together in Copenhagen on what was thought to be the first occasion that so many of the company’s ships were in the same location at the same time. Black Watch was on a 17-night Lapland and St Petersburg cruise from Harwich, while Braemar (1993/24,344gt) and Boudicca (1973/ 21,891gt) were on shorter cruises (both calling at St Petersburg) from Dover and Greenock respectively.

On an earlier cruise, also visiting St Petersburg, Boudicca returned to Liverpool with a number of unhappy passengers following the outbreak of a norovirus-like infection, which infected 96 passengers. This was the fourth instance of this infection on Boudicca since March, and a law firm seems to be rounding up affected passengers. Generally these problems can be laid at the door of passengers whose personal hygiene standards leave something to be desired.

On 20 March 2015 the same three ships will be together in a more impressive setting as they rendezvous between the Lofoten Islands and the Faroes to witness the solar eclipse that will occur that morning.

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