The May issue of Ships Monthly is out today, Friday 17 March 2017. We have a special feature looking at the innovative new destroyer USS Zumwalt, which recently commissioned into the US Navy at Baltimore by Conrad Waters.

The main feature sees Jim Shaw looking at the world’s biggest ships, which continue to get bigger and bigger in all sectors of shipping. We celebrate FotoFlite at 70 whose aerial photography feates over the English Channel are well known.

The ship of the month section provides an in-depth look, by Matthew Davies, at Atlantic Container Line’s new G4 ships, which are the largest con-ros in the world.

Other features cover:

Chinese classics – Chinese shipowning and the ships operated in the post-war era, when the use of offshore companies was common.

A Great British ship – SS Great Britain, worthy of the name ‘Great’, launched in 1843, when she was the biggest in the world.

Coastguarding the USA – For over 200 years the US Coastguard has been guarding the coasts of America and saving lives at sea.

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