The Tug Tender Calshot Trust Company Limited, the Charity which owns the historic Southampton steamer TT Calshot, announced new appointments and resignations at the start of December 220.

For the first time in 23 years, the Charity has a brand new Board of Directors.

On Saturday 21 November 2020, the Annual General Meeting was held virtually for the first time, with a significant attendance in membership, and a high level of voting turnout recorded.

During the Annual General Meeting, long-standing directors Terry Charles Yarwood and James Delderfield were not re-elected to the Board of Directors.

Having been with the Charity since it was founded in 1996, they leave the organisation after 23 years of charitable service. Records of thanks were extended for their long-standing commitment to the preservation of both ship and Charity.

Having made an enormous contribution to Calshot over their tenure, the talent, time and effort put into the project by the departing Directors will be long remembered, celebrated and recognised.

Enhancing the company’s Board of Directors are three experienced and well-qualified individuals.

Joining the Board is Stephen Attenborough, from Bideford based heritage ship the SS Freshspring. Stephen brings with him a wealth of knowledge on Governance, Administration and Fundraising.

Mark Adams is also appointed Director. He is the Compliance Manager for Bernhard Schulte Ship Management in Singapore and brings with him his experience as a Senior Technical Superintendent.

In addition, Kieran Henshall is voted onto the Board and joins as Interim Chairman, being an active Trustee of the former Thornycroft built, and Red Funnel passenger ship MV Balmoral (1949).

The Board pays tribute to the long-standing dedication and hard-working endeavours of the volunteers. For over 20 years they have met tirelessly to carry out essential maintenance, remaining instrumental to the ongoing preservation of the ship. In recognition of their work, it is time to say thank you, to each and every volunteer that has contributed to furthering Calshots aims.

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