A new version of Glenlee, one of the last surviving Clyde-built sailing ships, could be built as a training vessel for the Spanish Navy, which operated the original ship for 60 years.

The proposal by a Spanish naval architect is for a sailing ship named Galatea II, which was the name Glenlee held between 1922 and 1982.

Owners of the 124-year-old Glenlee, which is now in Glasgow, said the scheme reflected the affection which Spain had for the ship.

María Castro Ruiz, of the Technical University of Madrid, unveiled the plans at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects’ historic ships online conference in December 2020.

She said: ‘As a tribute to the extensive and remarkable history of this ship, to preserve the naval tradition in Spain, it has been proposed to design a ship with the same morphology as Glenlee.She will be adapted as a military training ship of the Spanish Navy’. John Megoran


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