After 12 years and visits by over half a million people at Yorkhill Quay, The Tall Ship, Glenlee, moved to a new berth alongside the Riverside Museum on 5 May. Both The Tall Ship and the museum will open to the public on 21 June. The Tall Ship has undergone a £1.5 million refurbishment and upgrade by the Clyde Maritime Trust, which owns and operates the vessel.

During the move, Glenlee was towed to Pointhouse Quay by three tugs provided by Clyde Marine Services, with Henry Abram and Sons managing the towing and reberthing process, and cranes being provided by James Jack Lifting Services. The relocation gave a rare opportunity to photograph and film Glenlee in motion on the Clyde.

Before the move, Dr Christopher Mason, Chairman of the Clyde Maritime Trust, said: ‘The Tall Ship will move to the new Pointhouse Quay, so that Glenlee can be exhibited permanently alongside the new Riverside Museum. The ship will be a perfect complement both to Zaha Hadid’s iconic building and the collections displayed inside it.’

The Clyde Maritime Trust owns the barque Glenlee, an independent museum committed to the preservation and interpretation of Glenlee and the maritime history of the area, for the benefit of local people.

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