To mark the centenary of the founding of the Ramsey Steamship Co, the company’s small coaster Ben Maye (1979/548grt) was dressed overall for a commemorative charter voyage marking another event that took place in 1913.

The Bideford-built ship docked in Dublin’s Docklands on 5 October 2013 to re-enact the role of the steamer Hare, which undertook a voyage 100 years ago from Liverpool to bring food supplied by the TUC to thousands of striking workers in an event known as the Lockout of 1913.

Hundreds of people lined Sir John Rogersons Quay on the Liffey to witness Ben Maye, and ‘dockers’ unloaded symbolic food parcels to the ‘needy’ on the quayside next to the last of the surviving former warehouses. JA

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