The Port of Ramsgate has had no ferry user since the collapse of TransEuropa Ferries in 2014, but owners Thanet District Council are looking to the future and have brought in Burgess Marine to push ahead with a modernisation programme.

The largest mobile crane in the UK was assembled, after arriving on 17 low loader HGVs, to help refurbish the double-decked berth, which allows lorries to be loaded or unloaded on two levels of a ferry at the same time, the crane removing all four ramp transition sections for refit.

Starting late in October, the project lasted seven weeks and Thanet Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing, said: ‘This is another example of the council taking action to improve the port’s facilities and supports our message that we’re open for business. We are working hard to ensure that infrastructure at the port is modernised and competitive to put us in the best possible position.’

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