Record summer for Viking Line on its Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm route

The new Viking Glory enticed a larger share of younger adults to enjoy holiday travel at sea, and an all-time passenger record on the Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm route was the icing on the cake for Viking Line’s splendid summer.

When Viking Glory launched service on the Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm route in March, the prediction at Viking Line was that the new vessel would lead to an upturn in traffic on the route but also increase interest in Turku, Åland and Stockholm as destinations.

That turned out to be the case too, as more than 740,000 people travelled with Viking Glory and Viking Grace between June and August. A total of nearly two million passengers sailed on all of Viking Line’s vessels during the three summer months.

“We are both pleased and grateful that customers have returned to our vessels after two difficult years of pandemic and that this summer was such a success.

“Our climate-smart Viking Glory and Viking Grace offer an unbeatable experience on the Turku–Mariehamn–Stockholm route, which resulted in an all-time passenger record on the route and a market share of more than 65 per cent.

“Over 700,000 people have already sailed or booked a trip with Viking Glory since it was placed in service, and we can only be happy about that,” says Viking Line’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Johanna Boijer-Svahnström.

Viking Glory represents a new travel concept, one that places a strong focus on wellbeing and on its passengers’ potential to design their own journey. Alongside the company’s traditional customer groups, Viking Glory has also attracted a larger share of younger adults, who in many cases are taking a cruise for the first time.

“Apart from the novelty of a new vessel, we see that many younger adults are attracted by the magnificent outdoor decks, the delicious food and the luxurious spa and massage treatments – which have also been fully booked on many departures,” says Ninna Suominen, Marketing Director at Viking Line.

The destination cruises with Viking Cinderella and Gabriella to Visby, Bornholm, Ystad and Sweden’s High Coast, among other places, were also popular this past summer, and a number of departures were fully booked. Service between Helsinki and Stockholm has also started to take off post-pandemic, with people showing a strong interest in experiencing our capitals.


Cruise passengers’ favourite destinations, summer 2022

  1. Åland

During the pandemic, there was increased interest in the Åland Islands from the Finnish market, and that trend also continued this past summer, when Swedes could once again visit without any restrictions. Åland celebrated 100 years of independence during the summer with a wide variety of concerts and other events.

  1. Stockholm

After several years of Covid, Stockholm has again surprised Finns with its charm. There are also many new things for tourists to see and do, whether they are there for the day or extend their visit with a hotel stay. Stockholm is never boring.

  1. Turku

Turku is an attractive destination for both Finnish and Swedish tourists. Many visit Finland’s oldest city and combine a city holiday with a cruise. The variety of restaurants and entertainment available in Turku has grown enormously in recent years.

  1. Helsinki

Helsinki offers the perfect combination of dazzling capital, outdoor experiences and beautiful archipelago. People can enjoy world-famous architecture and design, explore historical sites, experience wonderful food, and shop for Finnish design. Helsinki truly has something for everyone.

  1. Visby

This past summer, Viking Line arranged a number of cruises to Gotland from both Finland and Sweden. En route to the Hanseatic town of Visby, passengers had the opportunity to enjoy the archipelago, good food and entertainment. Upon arrival, they could choose to experience the wonderful things the town has to offer or join some of the excursions on offer.

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