The installation of Rotor Sails on TR Lady, an 82,000dwt Kamsarmax bulk carrier, was completed in Chengxi Shipyard, China, in June 2023.

TR Lady is owned by TR Lady Shipping Ltd, a portfolio company of Tufton Investment Management Ltd, and is on a time charter with Cargill.

The vessel was retrofitted with three five 24m Rotor Sails by wind-propulsion provider Anemoi Marine Technologies Ltd.

The technology was installed on Anemoi’s unique and patented transverse rail deployment system.

This system enables the sails, which are fixed to the centre line during voyages, to be moved port or starboard when berthed for cargo operations, meaning loading and unloading can continue without being obstructed.

Rotor Sails, also known as ‘Flettner Rotors’, are vertical cylinders which, when driven to rotate, harness the renewable power of the wind to provide additional forward thrust.

These highly efficient mechanical sails capitalise on the aerodynamic phenomenon known as the Magnus Effect and will deliver significant fuel and emission savings to TR Lady.

The vessel has now completed its first voyage with the Rotor Sails from China to Australia.

During this voyage, Anemoi engineers sailed with the vessel for sea acceptance testing and trials, with positive initial performance results which suggest that TR Lady can see average annual fuel and emissions savings exceeding the original expectations.

The performance of the Rotor Sails will continue to be monitored over the coming months.

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