The first of a new class of fleet tanker for the Russian Navy was laid down at the Nevsky Shipyard near St Petersburg on 26 April. Academician Pashin will become the first purpose-built ship to provide logistical and replenishment-at-sea support to the Russian fleet since the days of the Soviet Union.

Slated for delivery by October 2016, the Project 23130 medium-sized tanker has been designed to transfer both dry and liquid cargoes to two ships simultaneously while under way at sea. The design also features a small forward-located helipad, which provides a limited VERTREP capability.

Displacing 14,000 tonnes, Academician Pashin and an as-yet unspecified number of follow-on vessels will be able to carry 3,000 tonnes of fuel oil, 2,500 tonnes of diesel, 500 tonnes of aviation fuel, 150 tonnes of lubricating oil, 1,000 tonnes of fresh water and 100 tonnes of stores and provisions.

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