Sailcargo announce in early October 2022 that its new cargo ship Vega has been uprigged. Following months of carpentry and rigging work and maintenance, Vega’s new masts left the spar hall for the last time and returned to be placed on board the ship.

The purchase of the Swedish top-sail schooner Vega earlier this year by Sailcargo marked an ambitious move to expand the business and ship cargo under sail sooner.

This move was made possible with the support of business partner Café William, which has booked all of Vega’s northbound voyages with her Free Trade coffee.

The fleet expansion also aligns with the coZEV mission statement to decarbonise ocean shipping by 2040 and Sailcargo INC. is excited to be one of the companies leading the way. To date Sailcargo has raised over $5 million in investment in clean-shipping.

The replacement of the lower masts and bowsprit was an unforeseen and significant obstacle, but means Sailcargo Inc. now has full confidence in the structural integrity and safety of Vega, during her delivery across the Atlantic this year, and when she starts moving cargo under sail between Colombia and the United States.

The Sailcargo crew in Harlingen is now finalszing the up-rigging, completing the cargo refit and preparing Vega for her Atlantic crossing.

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