The booming offshore wind energy sector is continuing to generate new construction as well as new servicing vessel designs. One of the latest is the Sea-Wind, an offshore wind farm maintenance‘mother ship’ drawn up by Offshore Ship Designers. In its largest form, the Sea-Wind would have a length of about 187m and accommodate 200 service staff and crew in single-berth en-suite cabins, with client and standard cabins.

As the ship would continuously stay at sea, except for drydocking, public spaces would be extensive. These would include a cinema, gymnasium, sauna, store, galley, bakery, dining room, library and lounge. Using a semi-submersible hull form, Sea-Wind would accommodate work boats in a large floodable dock at the stern.Cranes would be carried amidships to handle such heavy components as turbines, motors and blades. Sea-Wind would have the capability to service up to 45 wind turbines a day.

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