The Chinese 20,763gt cargo ship Cleantec (2009) and the German container ship Frisia Rotterdam (2004/25,406gt) collided in the North Sea at the north-western tip of Denmark. The Hong Kong-flagged vessel Cleantec was carrying 10,000 tons of fertiliser and 30,000 tons of heavy fuel from Lithuania to Brazil. No one was injured in the collision, the cause of which is unclear, and there were no reports of any pollution.

Frisia Rotterdam was damaged at the stern as a result of the collision, sustaining a 7m crack to her hull, allowing water ingress, but she was able to continue to her destination port of Bremerhaven. Cleantec was listing, and the 24-man crew was evacuated by the Danish rescue ship Vestkysten. Cleantec was then towed to the Danish port of Skegen.

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