Ships Monthly August 2019

SHIP OF THE MONTH – Review of Holland America Line’s 1959-built liner Rotterdam, the last great Dutch ship of state, which had a dual-purpose design and enjoyed an illustrious history.

D-DAY ANNIVERSARY – Led by the cruise ship Boudicca, a flotilla of vessels marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

CLASSIC LINERS – The history of Christensen Canadian African Lines, which once operated a fleet of white-hulled cargo liners.

MARITIME MOSAIC – Photo feature on sludge carriers, once a common sight on British waterways.

BRETAGNE – A look back over the career of the ferry Bretagne over three decades.

AIRCRAFT CARRIERS – Details of the aircraft carriers of the world’s navies, deployed by the countries which make up an elite club.

USS CARL VINSON – Profile of USS Carl Vinson, third of the US Navy’s Nimitz class aircraft carriers, known in the US fleet as ‘Gold Eagle’.

FROM THE BRIDGE – Interview with Christopher Rynd, Commodore of Cunard Line, who has commanded all four of the ‘modern’ Cunard Queens.

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