The usual wide variety of features can be found in the November 2017 issue of Ships Monthly, out now.

Conrad Waters looks back over the career of the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, which served two navies in a variety of roles.

Daniel Geare remembers the Channel ferries Earl Godwin and Earl William.

American President Lines’ President Cleveland and President Wilson are profiled by Allan Jordan.

The battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth, which saw action in both world wars. Paul Brown

Ilala, a small post-war classic liner built in Glasgow, is still working on Lake Malawi and was visited by Thomas Rinaldi.

A look at the iconic small ships that provide lifeline links for Vancouver Island by John Martin.

Roy Fenton asks whatever happened to some famous well-known cargo ships, which were familiar ships but are shown in unfamiliar colours? He looks at their former identities and fates.

Workhorse of the Irish Sea, TSS Manxman was the last of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company’s passenger ferries known as the ‘six sisters’, and Dene Bebington recalls what happened to her.

Captain Kjell Holm talks to John Pagni about his career with TUI Cruises and their cruise ships.

Plus the latest news from the ferry, cruise, cargo and naval scenes.

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