Ships Monthly, the leading international shipping magazine, is now owned by Kelsey Publishing Group, based in Kent.

The magazine will continue to be published with its high quality content and photography maintained. But the on sale date will change, and after the December 2010 issue (on sale 19th November) the next issue will be cover dated January/February 2011 and will be published at the end of December.

No one will miss an issue – the cover date is changing to reflect a shift to a final Friday of the month on-sale date, and subscribers will still get the same number of issues for which they have paid.

The January/February 2011 issue will include the following features:

MONA LISA: A nostalgic journey on board the historic cruise ship Mona Lisa, built as Kungsholm, which was withdrawn in 2010 after new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations came into force.

RN at Panama: Jim Shaw looks at some of the Royal Navy’s warships that used the Panama Canal during the years between the two great world wars.

DATAFILE: Roy Fenton provides an in-depth look at Lamport and Holt, one of the great names in British shipping during the 20th century, which dominated services to the east coast of South America.

COUNTY CLASS: A history of the County class cruisers, which took part in nearly every major naval action of World War II.

If you have any queries about the change of on sale date and what it means for you, please call 01959 541444 or email

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