TransEuropa Ferries ended its Ramsgate-Ostend route commercial agreement with LD Lines during March, ‘to better adapt to market demand and tonnage requirements of both operators.’ The announcement came several days after the LD-owned Ostend Spirit, formerly Norman Spirit, left the route The Ramsgate-Ostend freight and passenger service continues with Gardenia (1978/8,097gt) and Larkspur (1976/14,558gt), while TransEuropa, who have Oleander (1980/13,191gt) and Eurovoyager (1976/12,110gt) on charter in the Mediterranean, look for a third Ramsgate vessel.

Collaboration on commercial aspects of the Ostend service began in March 2010, with TransEuropa Ferries responsible for freight traffic and ship operations and LD Lines for tourist passengers. TEF general manager Dominique Penel said: ‘We have been very satisfied with the co-operation, but market conditions and tonnage requirements have contributed towards this decision. Both companies will continue to study opportunities to renew commercial agreements and work together again in the future.’

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