BAE Systems Maritime has formally delivered two warships to overseas customers at separate ceremonies in Portsmouth. NPaOc Araguari, the third of three Ocean Patrol Vessels, was handed over to the Brazilian Navy on 21 June, followed later by the interim acceptance of RNOV Al Shamikh by the Royal Navy of Oman.

The Amazonas class OPV and her crew will undergo two weeks of FOST sea training in the Plymouth exercise areas prior to departing on the eight-week journey to her homeport in Rio de Janeiro. As part of the £133 million contract for the 90m vessels, Brazil has a manufacturing licence to build more ships of the same class.

The Omani naval ensign was raised for the first time on Al Shamikh on 26 June. The handover of the corvette was originally scheduled for 2011 but has been set back by technical issues, one of which included a gun misfire during weapons trails. Full acceptance will take place in Oman next year after hot weather trials and test firing of her VL MICA surface-to-air missile system.

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