Of all passenger transport operators in Finland, Viking Line has the most satisfied and most loyal customers, according to EPSI Rating’s survey. As travel recovers at a good pace, customers have high expectations for both service and sustainability.

EPSI Rating’s survey investigates customer views on passenger transport providers, such as shipping companies, airlines and bus, local transport and taxi companies. Viking Line was ranked first in both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

“The Covid-19 pandemic had a severe impact on both operators and customers in passenger transport in many ways. The rapid recovery in travel is a challenge for our industry, for example, in terms of labour availability.

“In view of that, we are extremely pleased that our customers are satisfied with us and want to travel with us going forward as well,” says Ninna Suominen, Marketing Director at Viking Line.

“Credit for this performance goes to all our Vikings, who have worked under varying conditions with a fine service attitude.

“Good service is an issue we feel really strongly about, so we are especially pleased that people who responded to the survey also gave the best marks in the industry for our employees’ customer service. For us, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.”

A total of 3,010 Finnish residents ages 18 and over who have travelled as passenger transport customers over the past 12 months were interviewed for the survey.

EPSI Rating has also surveyed customer views in other industries. Compared to many other industries, the themes of sustainable development and social responsibility are extremely important to passenger transport customers.

Most respondents think the passenger transport industry should take greater social responsibility than today, and 44 per cent indicated they will make even more sustainable choices than today when they travel in Finland over the next few years.

Viking Line tops the sustainability index for passenger transport in the survey.

“We have carried out ambitious environmental work ever since the 1980s and have succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from our fleet of vessels by 30 per cent per nautical mile compared to 2008.

“Our most recent investment for the environment was building the most climate-smart passenger ship on the Baltic Sea, Viking Glory. It is really great that customers continuously challenge us to be better, so there will be a campaign promoting the Baltic Sea all autumn long on our vessels as well as in our terminals and communications channels,” notes Ninna Suominen.

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