At the start of February 2023 that the boxboat Ever Acme, the newest container ship in the world, undertook its first ever sea voyage, transiting the Suez Canal as part of the southern convoy in the new canal during the ship’s journey from Malaysia for the Netherlands.

According to the protocol followed by the Suez Canal Authority in dealing with ships crossing the canal for the first time, both Captain Mohamed Al-Hout and Captain Galal Shabaka boarded the ship to welcome its crew, and deliver souvenirs for the captain of the ship.

Ever Acme, which flies the flag of Singapore, is the latest ship of the new generation “A TYPE” of the Evergreen shipping line. It is the eleventh ship in the chain, with ten other ships completed since August 2021.

The ship measures 400m by 61.5m, and she can carry more than 24,000 containers on board.

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