The operation to remove the wreck of the cargo ship MV Carrier, which ran aground near Llanddulas, North Wales, was completed this week. It has taken contractors, PGC, less than six weeks to remove the wreck and all scrap materials from the vessel have now been removed from the site. However residual work to make the site, and immediate surrounding area, safe for public use will need completion.

Although there was a small release of diesel fuel at the time of the incident, tests conducted on marine life, mussels and starfish from various locations by the Environment Agency Wales have been analysed throughout the operation and have found no traces of contamination.

The vessel was carrying a cargo of limestone and had bunkers onboard of 40,000 litres of marine diesel fuel at the time of the incident. Holyhead Coastguard coordinated the rescue of the seven crewmen who were airlifted from the ship by a navy and RAF helicopter.

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