The newly constructed berths built as part of the Green Port Hull development on Alexandra Dock in Hull welcomed their first vessels on 11 August 2016.

The vessels, Stema Shipping’s Bulknes and Beltnes, used the berths to deliver almost 400,000 tonnes of crushed stone from Norway, which will be used to surface the Siemens site. Bringing the stone by sea removed 20,000 truck deliveries from the road network.

Three berths have been built by ABP to accommodate wind installation vessels (WIV) visiting the Siemens facility. The new quayside measures 620m and offers a continuous berthing face.

ABP Head of Projects Humber, Simon Brett said: “It’s fantastic to see vessels using the new facilities and testing out our construction. All berthings have gone very smoothly which fills us with confidence for the arrival of the first wind installation vessels early next year.”

The ships have been brought in by the GRAHAM Lagan Construction Group Joint Venture (JV) which is ABP’s main contractor for the enabling works on site.

A spokesman for the JV said: “Completing the new berth and bringing it into operation is a key milestone for the project. Being able to receive bulk aggregate deliveries by sea will not only ensure we deliver the project on time for ABP, but it will also greatly benefit congestion in Hull by removing over 20,000 truck deliveries via road.“

The stone is being discharged at a rate of approximately 3,000 tonnes per hour via an on-board conveyor system and a boom, which deposits the cargo directly onto the quayside.

The vessels, which brought the cargo from Jelsa in Norway, measure 176m in length and have a 26m beam.

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