Historic steamship Ukkopekka helps protect Finnish Archipelago seas

The 1938-built Ukkopekka is a 35m privately owned passenger steamship which operates cruise trips in the beautiful Finnish Archipelago Sea.

This area of the Baltic is a Marpol 73/78 Special Area which aims to achieve complete elimination of intentional marine environment pollution by hydrocarbons and other harmful substances, and to reduce the accidental discharging of such substances.

Supplied by Wave International’s distributor Trans-Auto Oy, the owners of S/S Ukkopekka have fitted a new Wavestream 2 bilge filter which ensures that no traces of oily water, microfibres, microplastics or any pollutants are pumped overboard.

Karioskari Kangas of Ukkopekka says, “Our steamship attracts customers of all types from around the world and from within Finland. We welcome both business and leisure customers, and we have many that visit purely see the old steamship and steam engine, which are maintained in a pristine condition, which we are glad to show them.”

Despite her age, and being powered by an oil-fired steam boiler, the crew onboard Ukkopekka have to maintain the highest environmental standards which means not leaving any traces of pollution in her wake.

A Wavestream bilge filter is essential because the machinery on board S/S Ukkopekka has to be regularly greased with extremely heavy grade lubrication oil, which then spills into the bilge of the vessel. The Wavestream’s filters remove every type of contaminant, ensuring only clear water is pumped overboard.

Now enjoying her life as a beautifully restored cruise ship, offering onboard dinner and dancing, daytime and evening cruises, and available for private hire, Ukkopekka was originally used by the Finnish Maritime Administration to maintain and service safety equipment including lighthouses, beacons and buoys.

During the two World Wars, she saw active service in the Finnish Winter and Continuation Wars and was fitted with 20mm anti-aircraft guns. One notable expedition was her role in successfully protecting an escort mission to deliver 5,000 tonnes of much needed grain to the people of Finland in 1941.

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