In a ceremony held on 22 August 2022, Kommer Damen, Chairman of the Damen Shipyards Group, and Bram Muller, CEO of Muller Dordrecht, signed a contract for the supply of a Damen ASD Tug 3212.

Headquartered in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, Muller Dordrecht has a history of providing towage, emergency response and salvage, heavy transport and other services going back for over a century.

Its decision to purchase an ASD Tug 3212 was based on both the vessel’s versatility and capability, and Damen’s ability to deliver it in a relatively short time.

With 83-tonnes of bollard pull, the 32m Damen ASD Tug 3212 has a well-earned reputation for being capable of operating effectively both in harbor and when undertaking offshore towage of large structures.

Highly maneuverable and with excellent sea-keeping characteristics, the class also comes with a wide range of options to equip them for specific roles.

Muller Dordrecht has opted for almost all of them, including the IMO Tier III after-treatment system for low NOx emissions, a large aft deck winch together with an open stern, hydraulic towline guide pins, a deck crane and a support boat.

The winterization package for operations in high latitudes has also been specified, which includes additional insulation, heated windows and GMDSS A3 rated communications.

Despite the requirement to install all these additional features, Damen will be delivering the tug in just nine months.

This is achievable due to Damen’s long-established policy of building certain popular models in anticipation of future sales, based on market intelligence and industry feedback.

This enables customers to respond quickly to demands from their own clients. With an ASD Tug 3212 already in build at Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam, Muller Dordrecht can take delivery of the vessel it needs on a timescale that satisfies its counterparties.

On delivery, the new vessel will start work in the North Sea area, operating out of Rotterdam.

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