Viking Glory’s five-week journey home across the seas ended on Sunday 6 February 2022, when the vessel sailed past Ruissalo Island into the mouth of the river Aura.

When the brand-new vessel moored for the first time in her berth in the Port of Turku, her arrival was celebrated by both for Viking Line and the city of Turku.

Viking Glory was received in the Port of Turku at 12 noon, being saluted by the Arma Aboa Association’s artillery of cannons, daytime fireworks and the navy band’s ceremonial marches under the direction of Viking Line’s mascot, Ville Viking.

The festivities were streamed live online so that the general public could enjoy them in a Covid-safe way.

“Turku is Finland’s oldest port city and has always had a close connection with lands to the west. It is very significant that Viking Line decided to situate its most advanced and interesting vessel here.

“Viking Glory is the newest jewel in the crown of the fleet of vessels that cross the Baltic Sea, and I would like to wish the vessel a warm welcome to our city,” says the mayor of Turku, Minna Arve.

The new flagship replaces Amorella, which is now moving to Helsinki, and will increase Viking Line’s passenger capacity on the Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm route by about ten per cent. The vessel handles about 60 per cent more cargo than its predecessor.

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