KNUD E. HANSEN continues to build on its portfolio of innovative designs and extensive experience in the offshore wind farm sector with a new platform: the ATLAS C-Class. Named after the Greek Titan tasked with holding up the sky and heavens above, this platform boasts considerbale strength and durability.

With a jacking deadweight of 18,000 tonnes, 6,800 square metres of cargo deck area and a 3,000 tonne at 37m crane, it is currently the only WTIV capable of carrying six of the new-generation 14-16 megawatt  wind turbines, and at least five of the next generation 20+ megawatts turbines.

The jacking deadweight and crane capacity also enable the vessel to carry at least four of the extra-large monopile/transition piece foundations, which are required for the 14–16 megawatts turbines.

The impressive size and scale of this groundbreaking design is matched by its versatility and customizable features. The ATLAS C-Class is intended as a platform which will form the basis for further customization according to our clients’ objectives.

Cranes, thrusters, generators and jacking systems can all be modified and selected based on manufacturer availability such that the vessel can be tailored to suit the individual  needs of each client. This represents a significant departure from competitors that offer off-the-shelf products with little flexibility.


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