In early November 2017 Tuco Marine Group signed a contract with DALO (The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation) for two bespoke hydrographic survey boats that are to replace two obsolete survey vessels.

The hulls have been specially adapted to address two challenges that are hard to resolve: the low draft capacity to operate in uncharted shallow waters with the risk of running aground and anti-roll and directional stability.

The new boats will be equipped with jet drives and stabilising features which make them highly agile and seaworthy.

The design enables more efficient surveys under changing weather conditions and the hydrodynamic profile of the hull reduces turbulence and vibration so as not to interfere with the highly sensitive measuring equipment.

The advanced sonar equipment is fixed under the boat and recessed into the structure to protect it against adverse conditions.

High performance sensors and processors that are able to capture and process the signals, as well as correct and manage multiform data streams, constantly produce and store high quality information about the sea floor.

The boats are to be built from composite materials which ensure low weight, high fuel efficiency and low emission of greenhouse gasses; and are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 25 knots under full loading conditions.

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