• September’s Mystery Ship Answer

    September’s Mystery Ship Answer

    18th September 2014

    Close scrutiny of the photograph reveals the vessel to be Lempa, the second of two identical fruit ships completed in late 1952 by the German shipbuilders Bremer Vulkan atVegesak for the Honduran subsidiary of the US-controlled United Fruit Company, Empresa…

  • Captain Ian Hutley

    Captain Ian Hutley

    17th September 2014

    Captain Ian Hutley has had a long career at sea, starting with P&O cargo ships, and later P&O cruise ships. But he is now a senior master with Red Funnel on waters much closer to home, as he explained to…

  • October’s mystery ship

    October’s mystery ship

    20th August 2014

    This month’s mystery ship shows some kind of small cargo vessel berthed in port. The name on the ship is unreadable, unfortunately, making identification more difficult. So can any reader supply more information about this ship, or indeed the vessel…

  • Commander Peter Laughton

    Commander Peter Laughton

    20th August 2014

    HMS Lancaster is one of the Royal Navy’s 13 Type 23 Duke class general purpose frigates. Patrick Boniface caught up with her commanding officer, Commander Peter Laughton, who discussed his career in the Royal Navy. How were you attracted to…

  • August’s Mystery Ship Answer

    August’s Mystery Ship Answer

    20th August 2014

    The August Mystery Ship was the liner Hikawa Maru, which is preserved in her company colours of the Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) Line (Japan Mail Steamship Co)at Yokohama. The 11,622grt vessel was built in 1930 as a passengercargo liner for…

  • Captain Lis Lauritzen

    Captain Lis Lauritzen

    22nd July 2014

    Captain Lis Lauritzen, Master of Vision of the Seas, talks to Byron Clayton about her career and ship. Where are you from and what is your family background?I was born in 1971 and grew up in Denmark, with a Japanese…

  • September’s mystery ship

    September’s mystery ship

    22nd July 2014

    This month’s mystery ship was again supplied by Paul Green, who seeks help in identifying another of his photos taken at Newhaven 40 years ago (see SM, July and below for the other photo). This one shows Lenpa, which looks…

  • July’s Mystery Ship Answer

    July’s Mystery Ship Answer

    22nd July 2014

    The two mystery ships pictured in Newhaven are refrigerated ships. In the forefront is the Soviet Vasiliy Fesenkov, built in 1974 in Gdansk in Poland (6,391gt, 139m length), which was part of the famous and popular B-437 series of 14…

  • Captain Dean Bassett

    Captain Dean Bassett

    26th June 2014

    The Royal Navy’s fleet flagship, the amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark, arrived in London on 29 May for a five-day visit, during which Patrick Boniface met her commanding officer, Captain Dean Bassett, to discuss his career, his ship and the…

  • June’s Mystery Ship Answer

    June’s Mystery Ship Answer

    26th June 2014

    The submarine pictured is HMS Aurochs, an A class submarine built by Vickers Armstrongat Barrow in Furness. She was launchedon 28 July 1945 and commissioned on 7 February 1947, too late for service inWorld WarIi. A Class submarines were designed…