• March’s Mystery Ship Answer

    March’s Mystery Ship Answer

    19th March 2015

    This photograph was taken from the bridge of a cargo ship heading up the Manchester Ship Canal and about to pass the wharf at Ellesmere Port. The nearer ship alongside the wharf, Crania, was a tanker of 9,094gt, built in…

  • Captain Eugene Favier

    Captain Eugene Favier

    18th February 2015

    Captain Eugene Favier, master of the Hull-Rotterdam ferry Pride of Hull, talks to Nicholas Leach about his career, his ship and working on the North Sea. When did you start your career at sea? I went to sea in 1987…

  • April’s mystery ship

    April’s mystery ship

    18th February 2015

    This month’s mystery ship is a small coaster, with Cliff, the first part of the name, visible on the stern above her London port of registry. So what was her full name? She is alongside a wharf with numerous cranes,…

  • February’s Mystery Ship Answer

    February’s Mystery Ship Answer

    18th February 2015

    The mystery ship is the Royal Mail liner Atlantis (15,363grt), built as Andes by Harland & Wolff, Belfast and completed in September 1913. During World War I she served as an Armed Merchant Cruiser and then operated on the route…

  • March’s mystery ship

    March’s mystery ship

    14th January 2015

    This month’s mystery ship is a mystery scene as well. Details of the ships pictured are sought, as well as the location of the photograph, which is not known. The small cargo vessel alongside is named Crania, so can you…

  • January’s Mystery Ship Answer

    January’s Mystery Ship Answer

    14th January 2015

    Although exact identification of one of the two mystery vessels in the January issue has not been received, the steam dredger was identified as St Giles by Derek Grater of Inverkeithing, who wrote: ‘It is not a mystery ship to…

  • Comandante Ostilo de Majo

    Comandante Ostilo de Majo

    14th January 2015

    The impressive Italian destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne visited London in August 2014 and Patrick Boniface asked commanding officer Commandate Ostilo de Majo about his career and his then ship. Did you always want to be at sea?My father…

  • Giles Wade, Senior Master of Condor Vitesse

    Giles Wade, Senior Master of Condor Vitesse

    19th December 2014

    Giles Wade, Senior Master of Condor Vitesse, which operates between Poole and Weymouth and the Channel Islands, talks to Richard Webber about his career and life at sea. Do you come from a seafaring family? My grandfather ran a small…

  • February’s mystery ship

    February’s mystery ship

    19th December 2014

    This month’s mystery ship is a classic liner from the first half of the 20th century, or maybe earlier. Can anyone help with further details? Can any reader supply the name of the ship? Which company was she operated by?…

  • December’s Mystery Ship Answer

    December’s Mystery Ship Answer

    19th December 2014

    The mystery ship being demolished in Kaohsiung is one of two Saudi Arabian sisterships: Miriam B or NoorB. They were built in 1938 for Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij (Royal Netherlands Steamship Co) as the cargo vessels Pericles and Socrates (3,167grt…

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