Mystery Ship

  • August’s Mystery Ship Answer

    August’s Mystery Ship Answer

    29th August 2013

    The Mystery Ship is Flying Cloud, as originally named, which was built by the Orlando Naval Shipyard in Livorno, Italy. She was completed for the Duke of Westminster and launched in 1927. In 1932 the Duke sold her and she…

  • October’s mystery ship

    October’s mystery ship

    29th August 2013

    Can anyone identify the ship pictured and where she is moored? Is she an historic vessel preserved for visitors, and if so when was she originally built and who operated her? Send your answers, including a postal address, via email…

  • September’s mystery ship

    September’s mystery ship

    24th July 2013

    Can anyone identify the classic cargo ship pictured here? The photo was sent in by Kenneth Conway, who said: ‘I came across this picture when sorting through my father’s affairs. He was an apprentice navigating officer at the time (1931-33),…

  • July’s mystery ship Answer

    July’s mystery ship Answer

    24th July 2013

    The warships featured as July’s mystery ships were identified by a number of readers, but there wasn’t total agreement. John Legg of Plymouth said: ‘The ship is NRP Goncalves Zarco (pennant no.F476). She was built by R. & W. Hawthorn…

  • June’s mystery ship Answer

    June’s mystery ship Answer

    26th June 2013

    The Mystery Ship is HMT Empire Halladale. She was originally built as Antonio Delfino for the Hamburg-South America Line. She was delivered from the Vulcan yard in Hamburg, yard number631, in March 1922. Her maiden voyage saw her leave Hamburg…

  • August’s mystery ship

    August’s mystery ship

    26th June 2013

    Can anyone identify the tall ship pictured here? She has not got her sails raised, but her four masts may help to give away her identity. By whom was she operated and when was she built? Is she still afloat,…

  • July’s mystery ship

    July’s mystery ship

    6th June 2013

    Can anyone identify the warships pictured here, supplied by Richard Robins, of Weymouth, who says they were taken in Hong Kong in December 1963 from HMS Plymouth. But which navy were they operated by and when were they built? Authors…

  • April’s mystery ship Answer

    April’s mystery ship Answer

    24th April 2013

    The April mystery ship is the liner Citta di Tunisi, operated by the Italian company Tirrenia s.p.a., pictured at Valletta. She was originally black-hulled when completed in 1930 by Cantieri del Tirreno at Genoa, one of four sisterships for I.…

  • June’s mystery ship

    June’s mystery ship

    24th April 2013

    Can anyone identify this liner, and where and when the picture was taken? Who operated the ship, and on which routes did she operate? Is this her usual livery or one given to her at a specific time? Authors of…

  • May’s mystery ship

    May’s mystery ship

    28th March 2013

    Can anyone identify these warships, and where and when the picture was taken? Which navy were they operated by and were they regular visitors to this port? Isthis the homeport of a navy, and if so, which one? Authors of…

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