• Tragedies a long way away

    Tragedies a long way away

    22nd July 2014

    SEPTEMBER 2014 ISSUE This year is the 100th anniversary of one of the worst maritime disasters ever, which occurred when the Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Ireland sank in the St Lawrence River following a collision with the Norwegian collier…

  • Remembering past conflicts

    Remembering past conflicts

    25th June 2014

    AUGUST 2014 ISSUE This year Is one in which several significant anniversaries are being marked. The two particularly notable ones are the 70th anniversary of D-Day in June and the centenary of the outbreak of World War I in September.…

  • Cruising icon marks a decade

    Cruising icon marks a decade

    26th May 2014

    JULY 2014 ISSUE Cunard celebrated the tenth anniversary of the entry into service of their liner Queen Mary 2 with a spectacular event at Southampton on 9 May. Bringing all three Cunard ships together for the day was something of…

  • From LNG power to paddlers

    From LNG power to paddlers

    24th April 2014

    JUNE 2014 ISSUE The articles we have this month represent something of a contrast. The feature on liquid natural gas (LNG)-powered ships looks to the future, and examines how this new fuel is being used in the modern shipping industry.…

  • Preserving historic vessels

    Preserving historic vessels

    27th March 2014

    MAY 2014 ISSUE This month we have news of several historic ships being saved or scrapped. On the plus side is news that plans to reactivate the classic motor vessel Balmoral, which has been laid up in Bristol for many…

  • Uncertain future for industry

    Uncertain future for industry

    27th February 2014

    APRIL 2014 ISSUE Analysing the state of the global shipping industry is a difficult business. While generally positive figures for the UK’s economy were issued during January, suggesting that for some things are looking up, is the global shipping industry…

  • Contrasting cruise ships

    Contrasting cruise ships

    30th January 2014

    MARCH 2014 ISSUE What a contrast there was in Southampton in January as the last British-built cruise ship took her curtain call and the latest mega cruise ship steamed into port a few days later. It was a fond farewell…

  • Piracy film raises questions

    Piracy film raises questions

    26th December 2013

    FEBRUARY 2014 ISSUE The film Captain Phillips should be compulsory viewing for all ship captains and, in fact, anyone interested in the maritime world. The film is an adaptation of the book A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and…

  • The end for British shipbuilding?

    The end for British shipbuilding?

    28th November 2013

    JANUARY 2014 ISSUE The announcement that shipbuilding in Portsmouth is to cease with the closure of the BAE yard, and facilities on the Clyde are to be downgraded, is something of a kick in the teeth for British industry. Yet…

  • A day cruising down the Solent

    A day cruising down the Solent

    25th September 2013

    NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE Despite the weather not being too kind, I was pleased to spend a day on board the preserved steamer Shieldhall on 17 August and meet competition winner Colin Flood during an enjoyable cruise down Southampton Water and…